Prom Country Cheese


South Gippsland is a close knit community and we all thrive on collaboration with our friends and neighbours, none more so for GWC than Prom Country Cheese. Second generation cheesemakers Burke & Bronwyn Brandon make some of the best sheep and cow’s milk cheese in Australia (with a cabinet of gold medals to prove it) from their own sustainable, organically and ethically-raised herd.

Gippsland Wine Company contributes vine cuttings to Prom Country Cheese’s ‘Vine Ash Brie’ and the dairy in turn makes a wash rind cheese for cellar door, where we keep a fridge stocked with cheese for takeaway. And, we collaborated on a new planting of Pinot Noir and Sangiovese on their property at Moyarra.

Drop by and have a look at the happiest flock you’re likely to see (Bron says she keeps the old girls on to live out their days on pasture, because she has a soft heart!) and taste their sensational blue, which incidentally goes very well with our Gustoso:

VENUS BLUE officially Australia's best: * 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards Champion sheep, goat or buffalo cheese. * 2016 ‪#‎australianfoodawards‬ Champion Dairy Product. * 2016 AFA "best sheep, goat or buffalo cheese" trophy scoring 95 points/100.

Prom Country Cheese

Open on Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

275 Andersons Inlet Rd, Moyarra VIC 3951

(03) 5657 3338